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Election Commission, Nepal (ECN) has recognized electoral education as a significant building block for promoting free, fair and credible elections. It has perceived electoral education as a continuous process to impart electoral knowledge throughout the country. For the promotion of electoral education across the country, ECN introduced Voter Education Policy, 2013 and has been rigorously working to implement the policy.

For the promotion of electoral education, ECN has also established the Electoral Education and Information Center (EEIC) in ECN premises in 2012. EEIC has a mini election museum, mini theater, interactive room and mock polling room. The main purpose of the EEIC is to provide electoral education to potential voters and stakeholders. Mostly, students from secondary schools visit the center for electoral education.

To enhance the coverage of electoral education throughout the country, ECN has also established Regional Electoral Education and Information Center in Kaski and Kailali districts and process of establishing regional center is ongoing in Biratnagar. Similarly, for promoting the electoral education in remote places, mobile Electoral Education and Information Center alias as Mobile EEIC has also been used. 

Moreover, besides taking voter education as a continuous process, it has also been promoted as event specific. For this, ECN has been deploying different means such as audio, video and print media as well as through the Voter Education Volunteers across the country. Similarly, use of social media has also been emphasized for the promotion of electoral education.

Furthermore, realizing the significant contribution of schools for the promotion of electoral education, social study teachers of secondary schools have continuously been trained, who then share their electoral knowledge and information in their respective societies through students. Along with this, adoption of different modules of Building Resources In Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) has also contributed for this to ECN staff, government officials, teachers and other election stakeholders like political parties, media, NGOs, civil society organizations.

In addition, ECN has been conducting outreach education programs for marginalized and excluded communities across the country.


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